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UPDATE – Arizona Supreme Court Rescinds 21-Nov-2012 Administrative Order 2012-85

10-Dec-2012, Guy W. Bluff, Esq.[1] 15 days after the Arizona Supreme Court issued its Emergency Order #2012-85 modifying Arizona’s Administrative Code relating to Certified Legal Document Preparers, the Court issued a new Order rescinding the same (see Administrative Order 2012-94).

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Effective 21-Nov-2012, Lien Service Companies Are Not Authorized to Sign 20 Day Preliminary Notices or Mechanic Liens in Arizona

30-Nov-2012, Guy W. Bluff, Esq.[1] Effective 21-Nov-2012, the Arizona Supreme Court issued an Emergency Order changing Arizona’s Administrative Code with regard to the execution of legal documents by CLDP’s (Certified Legal Document Preparers). Arizonahas a long history of regulating what it

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Mechanic Liens – Scope of Lien; 20 Day Preliminary Notices; Completion Date; Lis Pendens– Fagerlie v. Markham Contracting (31-May-2011)

Guy W. Bluff, Esq. 29-Oct-2011 In the case of Fagerlie v. Markham Contracting Co, (1 CA-CV-10-0051, 31-May-2011), Division 1 of the Arizona Court of Appeals held that (1) Markham could claim a lien on the lots for work done at

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[Article] 20 Day Preliminary Notices – Your Best Protection of Payment

SW Contractor – 2008 Professional Services Guide

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Construction Preliminary Notices / Notices to Owner – Forms / Deadlines Differ by State

Arizona law requires that every person (except for wage earners) who furnishes labor, professional services, materials, machinery, fixtures or tools to a construction project give prior written notice, generally called a 20 Day Preliminary Notice, of their statutory rights to

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