Government Contracts

Since 1986, the Firm, through its principal, Guy W. Bluff, has been practicing in the area of Government Contracts, Bid Disputes, and Government Contract Claims. Mr. Bluff has practiced extensively before the United States Court of Federal Claims, United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, various federal government Boards of Contract Appeals, including the Armed Services Board, General Services Administration Board, Interior Board, Small Business Administration, and Office of Comptroller General.

  • Bid Protests and Appeals
  • Small Business Classification
  • Government Contract Claims
  • Eichleay Claims
  • Impact, Delay, Acceleration Claims
  • Miller Act Claims
  • Federal Arbitration Act
  • Bid Disputes and Protests
  • Minority and Small Business Claims / Protests
  • Drawing and Specification Interpretations
  • Differing Site Conditions (Type I & Type II)
  • CPM Scheduling
  • Claims Preparation and Defense
  • Public Works / Public Building
  • Performance Bond Claims